Glenda Leznoff is a writer and painter living in Vancouver. She writes novels, short stories, creative nonfiction, children’s literature, magazine features, and scripts for film, TV, theatre and animation. Her novel Heartache and Other Natural Shocks won the Jonathan and Heather Berkowitz Prize at the 2016 Western Canada Jewish Book Awards.

Glenda’s art training began at a very early age when her teacher sent her to take classes with Arthur Lismer (Group of Seven) at The Redpath Museum in Montreal. Unfortunately, the opportunity was wasted on her. Arthur Lismer thought she had a gift for colour, but Glenda thought Arthur Lismer was a scary old man with wild white hair and she was intimidated by his intensity.  Oh, to turn back the clock!  Glenda studied art at the Banff School of Fine Arts, and participated in workshops with various teachers including Gordon Smith. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and collections across North America.

When she is not writing or painting, Glenda enjoys travelling, dancing, and cooking up sumptuous meals for family and friends. According to her offspring, she cannot text and talk at the same time, but in all other respects, is without fault or blemish.